Nutritional Info

Here at Clean Meals, we thoroughly try and test each recipe. Our meals are approved by a registered nutritionist, who has helped to create flavourful meals all while meeting your daily dietary requirements. You don’t have to sacrifice flavour to eat clean.

A quick summary

Meals packed with protein

Zero refined sugars

No ultra-processed ingredients

Vegetarian, gluten & dairy free options

Simplifying nutrition for athletes

Noah, Commonwealth Games Boxer, Personal Trainer, and Owner of Team Lopez, knows the importance of fuelling his body for peak performance. Whether he’s in the ring or training clients, his days are filled with high-intensity activities. That’s where Clean Meals steps in as the ideal dietary companion for his active lifestyle.

A trainer’s choice

Kent, Former Bodybuilder, Owner of Fitness Canterbury, and Personal Trainer, has found Clean Meals to be the ultimate solution for both himself and his clients. As a business owner and a father, time is of the essence, and preparing nutritionally balanced meals can be a real challenge. Clean Meals offers a delectable array of dishes crafted from wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Our Deal Breakers

We say no to

  • Artificial sweeteners

  • Refined sugar

  • MSG*

  • Ultra-processed ingredients

We say yes to

  • Fresh, real ingredients

  • High protein

  • Complex carbs

  • Portion control

*Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a flavour enhancer often added to restaurant foods, canned vegetables, soups, deli meats and other foods.

Nutritionist-approved meal plans

We work alongside our nutritionist to provide you with the exact macronutrients and calories in each of our meals. That means no matter what your goals are, you understand what you are fueling your body with. We provide low calorie and high calorie options which have been approved by our Clean Meals Personal Trainer.

The freshest ingredients

We pride ourselves on using produce that is locally sourced. We use only the finest NZ produce and free-range meat. We use fresh, and never frozen products, so you are provided with the best ingredients for a balanced diet.