How it works

A quick summary

Subscription or one-off order

Choose from 20+ meals

We deliver fresh food to your door

You just heat
and eat

Subscription or one-off order

The choice is yours! For consistent convenience, a subscription is the way to go. Each week, you’ll have fresh meals delivered to your door, chosen by you from our menu. If you’re not ready for that step, we offer one-off orders so you can try as many things as you like!

Your orders, your way

With a Clean Meals subscription, you can edit or cancel your subscription in your account at any time. It does pay to check our cut-off times – if you forget to make any changes, you might run the chance of missing out on a new meal or trying something new! Shipping fees are calculated at check-out based on where you live in NZ!

Choose from 20+ meals

We pride ourselves on making your meals freshly each week. Handmade in Christchurch, we pair high-quality ingredients and flavour combinations to create delicious meals for your convenience. We pack the meals with all the good stuff so there’s no room for the bad – such as refined sugars, and processed ingredients.

We deliver fresh food to your door

If you’re a weekly box-goer, your order will arrive at your door on a Tuesday. For casual orders, we dispatch twice a week so orders will be delivered on Tuesdays or Fridays. Again, check in on those cut-off dates/times to make sure you don’t miss out!

Storing your meals

Our boxes are packed with insulation and ice packs to keep your meals cool en route to your fridge. Our meals are best eaten fresh so you can restock each week. For a longer life, they can chill in the freezer for up to a month. Bear in mind, not all meals freeze well such as salads so they’re best eaten fresh!

Heat, eat and enjoy!

On the outer sleeve of your meal, we provide heating guidelines to enjoy your meal at its best. Remember that every microwave is different so you may need to adjust your heating times accordingly. Some meals have fresh components that won’t handle the microwave well. Be sure to remove these from the tray before heating!

Recycle the packaging

We’ve done our best to source products that aren’t harmful to our planet. That’s why each part of your package can be reused or recycled in some way. Check out the instructions below as we’ve broken down the best way to dispose of each component.

Naturally you may have some burning questions, so pop on over to our FAQs where we do our best to answer those.